Reliable Red Squirrel was hoping to see a female bluebird. Female bluebirds have a grey head and males have a blue head. It is easy to read her writing because she left spaces between her words. She put a period at the end of her sentence so we know her sentence is done. She drew a detailed picture that matches her words.

Sweet snowy owl was hoping to see a blue jay. She left spaces between her words, she listened for sounds and she put the right date at the top of her paper so we know it is today.

We found lots of critters today. Courageous coyote found a slug, Brainy bobcat found Sally the salamander, Red Squirrel found a big fat centipede with a shell on it, Dependable Deer found a lot of centipedes and curly things and a salamander in a log with bark, Trustworthy tree frog found a creature that curls up in a spiral when it is scared to protect itself. We found a lot more animals than usual.


Chipper Chipmunk was sorting things. He made collections of things that were alike.

Trusting Turtle and Brave Barred Owl were making room for the grass so the grass could grow. We were putting things in the little shed and pretending it was a dumpster.

Brave Barred Owl and Ms. Thomas are happy in this picture.

We were trying to make the tree fall down. We were using shovels to dig it up but we needed snippers to snip the roots.

At Ms. Thomas’ station Ms. Thomas would give us a card with a number on it. We would count how many Popsicle sticks in each cup and if our number matched we would stick the number in the cup. We were working on teens today. This is a picture of the number 20 but most of the other numbers were in the teens.

In Mrs. T’s station we looked at birds and made bird sounds. We used Mrs. T’s phone to play the sounds of the birds we saw in the pictures. Then we tried to make the sounds. We heard a Blue Jay, a Mourning Dove, a Barred Owl and some others.

We found a rock in the brook that looked like a tooth. It was a triangle!

We all took a picture together today.  We had a visitor and she took the picture for us. We played in the brook today. It was fun!


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This is Brainy Bobcat’s work. He drew a great picture. He was hoping to cook some sap and eat the maple syrup. He put a lot of details in his picture. He even drew little clouds and little puffs of steam. He left spaces between the words.

The first thing we did today was go to our sit spots. Logical Leopard frog was building a fire at her sit spot. Her mom came to visit us today! Dependable Deer was making a fairy house. Helpful Hare and Brainy Bobcat were bouncing on a fallen log. They spotted some easter eggs that had been hidden but they listened to Mrs. T’s instructions and left them where they were. They waited until it was time to hunt.

This is Brainy Bobcat and Helpful Hare bouncing.

Trusting Turtle was finding eggs. Our morning activity today was an Easter egg hunt.

We made a nest by Briany Bobcat’s sit spot. There is a hole in the back of the branch that you cannot see in this picture. This is Dependable Deer climbing. The rock is a baby. It is not an egg. Sincere Salamander and Ready Raccoon were protecting the egg and the baby from everybody. People were coming to steal the egg but we came running after them to get them. We succeeded! No one stole the egg after all.

We found 2 salamanders today! They were in the dirt. One salamander was under a birch log. Trusting Turtle found it when he lifted up the stump. We looked at the salamanders for a while and then set them free. We also found a ton of centipedes. They were in a birch log too. We brought some centipedes over to our circle while we were eating snack. They were eating snack too. We had blueberry bread and cheese sticks. The centipedes ate bark.

We boiled sap today over our fire. It was the sap that we collected from the trees we tapped. It got sweet but not as sweet as syrup. A lot of steam came off the sap. It got browner and there was less liquid after a while.

In Mrs. T’s station we were picking out buds. We wanted to make a bouquet of buds to decorate our tables. We found a ton of buds. Buds are a sign of spring!

Today in Miss Thomas’ station we made houses. They were houses for the fairies. People used all kinds of things to make their houses. One student had a garage, one had a zip line, some had entrances and gardens. One student made a restaurant and another made a mall. Miss Thomas said if she was a fairy she would sit in the green chairs in the fairy mall. We know that a 3D circle is called a sphere because we have been learning about 3D shapes in math. Today we learned that a 3D oval is called an ovoid.  An egg is an ovoid.  We saw and built all kinds of 3D shapes when we were building – cones, cylinders, cubes and pyramids. There was also a school and a lizard house and an army tank house.

At the end of the day we played in the stream. We were jumping in and a couple of people got soaked. Helpful Hare’s feet got so soaked. We had a great day.






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Bright Blue Bird hopes to see a robin laying eggs. She left spaces between her words so it is easy to read. She drew a detailed picture. She used vibrant colors.

Brainy bobcat hopes to see the eastern box turtle. He listened for the sounds in the words and wrote what he heard. Courageous Coyote likes his sky because he thinks it looks like a rainbow.

Trusting Turtle hopes to see an eastern turtle too. Brainy bobcat wondered why he drew himself in the corner. It is because he is peaking. He drew a sunset. Some students thought it looked like a rainbow.

We headed out into the forest and noticed the stream. It was running really fast. It was not frozen. This means that spring is here.


We saw deer tracks on our way up. And when we got up to the top, Ready Raccoon and courageous coyote saw raccoon tracks.

After our morning meeting we played. Flexible Fox got very cold. So did Helpful Hare. In fact, many of us got cold. We pretended we were in a hospital and gave Flexible Fox a sock replacement surgery. Miss Thomas gave Helpful Hare new mittens. In the forest, we take care of each other.

Chipper Chipmunk had a tree store today. Courageous Coyote was helping him. They made snow balls and put trees in them. He let people buy them but they didn’t cost anything. He might say no only because that tree was promised to someone else. When dependable deer was at her sit spot she was making soup. We came in a bit early from the forest today. Some people were so cold – they were ready to come in right away. Others wanted to stay out longer. We all came in together because we are a community and we take care of each other.




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This is Courageous Coyote’s work. He wrote “I hope to see a bird.” We can tell what he wrote because he put spaces between his words. He put great details in his picture like notes to show that the bird is singing and even the roots on the tree.

Flexible Fox hoped that that the sap would run. The sap was running today! And we even got to lick it.

This is Brainy Bobcat at his sit spot. Today at sit spots Dependable Deer heard a weird sound and she wasn’t sure what it was. It sounded kind of like a bird and kind of like a horn. Chipper Chipmunk heard trucks. Balanced Blue Jay saw a big foot print and he also saw urine in the snow. Tree Frog saw some leaves sticking out from snow and there was not snow on top of it. It was like a treasure box.

We saw some tracks tracks. We thought they might have been a bear but they were dog tracks! We know because there was a dog visiting KW this week.

Flexible Fox and Reliable Red Squirrel made snow babies today. They were cold and they were just about the size of a real baby. They took good care of their snow babies.

Almost everyone got a chance to taste sap today. Sweet Snowy Owl said that it tasted good at first and then the more she drank it started to taste sour. Dependable Deer thought that it tasted like water just with more flavor.

Some of us drank a whole cup of sap. It was delicious. It tasted like syrup but it was not as sweet. It was like water with a kiss of syrup.

We ate pancakes in the woods today. They cooked really fast because the fire is warmer than a stove. They were really hot when they came off the griddle. We ate maple syrup with our pancakes. They were so hot that some of us couldn’t even hold them with our hands. We had to put them in the cup with our syrup.

We were rolling the ball down the hill and making tracks so the ball would roll straight down. It was fun! The ball kept rolling off the side so we built a wall so that it would go the direction we wanted it to. The jump made the ball stop. We thought it would just make the ball jump. Maybe next week we can bring the ball out again and get the jump to work.

Our other station today was reading a book about 3 bears and a kid named Anytime. It was called Anytime Mapelson and the Hungry Bears. The names of the other characters were Dinnertime, Lunchtime and Breakfast time because that is when they liked to eat their pancakes. 

At lunchtime we were sitting on a tree at Brainy Bobcat’s sit spots. Some of us sat on the ground. It felt warmer to sit in the sunshine.


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Logical Leopard Frog wrote: I hope the snow is 26 inches. She used spaces between her words and lower case letters. She spelled trick words like THE correctlyl

Trusting Turtle did a nice job not coloring over his words. He knows how to spell snow! He took his time with his letters and wrote them carefully. He also made a great picture that fills up all the white space.

Helpful Hare thought that the snow would be 35 inches. She drew her and the tree and the snow. We can tell that she took her time writing because he letters look neat.

Brave Barred Owl predicted that the snow would be 16 inches high. He always uses so many details in his drawings. They are fun to look at. We measured the snow when we got outside. It was 12 inches. In some places it was deeper and in some places it was more shallow. In most places it was pretty close to 12 inches.

Brainy Bobcat, Dependable Deer, Courageous Coyote and Flexible Fox. got to wear snow shoes and pack down the snow. It was too deep for us to walk in just boots. We had our leaders go first so that it would be easier for us to go on the trail they made.

When we got outside we saw a sign of spring! We saw robins.

Reliable Red Squirrel carried the water and her arms were so tired. Sometimes we layed in the snow because we were so tired and we needed to rest. The snow was crunchy and it felt like we couldn’t move because the snow was stopping us.

When we got to the top we felt so tired and we headed right to our sit spots. It was exciting to make it to the top. We were triumphant!

When we got to our base camp we were ready for snack. It had taken us so long to climb the snowy mountain that all we had time to do was eat snack and play! We came inside for lunch because it was 23 degrees.



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This is Brainy Bobcat’s work. He hopes to see some tracks in the forest. He made a great drawing. He left spaces between his words. He spelled a lot of trick words – to, see, the, I!

Bright Blue Bird and Trustworthy Tree Frog are hoping to see grass showing. Bright bluebird did a great job on the grass. It looks like it has points on it. They both used lowercase letters and spaces between their words. They both drew themselves with blond hair and they both have blond hair!

It was windy and unpredictable weather outside today. We were nervous about the wind knocking down dead trees so we decided to spend the first part of our day indoors. We did our forest plans and then we had our morning meeting. Next we did things like snack, first recess on the playground, fundations, writing and number corner.

We are eating lunch outdoors next to the school. It was bright when the sun was out it was not as bright when the sun went behind a cloud. The trees were swaying in the wind and we even heard one crack.

We were collecting things like Mrs. T. A twig that had a bud on it, and 2 leaves. An oak leaf and a beech leaf. When we collected the three things our job was done and we were ready to play!

We went fishing in the stream. We brought fishing poles and caught a giant fish. It was million feet long.

Some of us went on an expedition with Miss Thomas. 

We got to taste sap from the maple trees and courageous coyote found the biggest shiniest rock he’d ever seen in his whole life. The sap tasted like water with a little hint of maple syrup.

We also checked the thermometer and the temperature was 40 degrees. We had fun.

Some of us stayed at the stream. We were racing sticks down the stream. When the stick stopped we put our fingers in to the stream to get it to go again or we used a stick. We used sticks to clear our leaves and other things so that the stick could keep going.

Logical leopard Frog and Mrs. T were playing shark goes to sea school. When we put the shark in the water we said you can do it, keep going little guy. He was having a hard time.

We found lots of rocks in the stream. They shined when they hit light. Ready Raccoon found a tooth and a golden rock.

Balanced Blue Jay found a good rock. We had a good day! Some kindergartners said that this was their favorite forest day yet. Playing in the brook is always a hit.





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Blue Jay wrote: “I hope to see the sap running.” The writer left spaces between the words and used lower case letters. He drew a picture of the trees and you can see the sap running into the buckets. His picture matches his words.


Flexible Fox wrote about the sap, too. She drew nice details like a person next to the tree, the sap bucket handing off the side of the tree, and even the roots on the tree.


Trusting turtle put an exclamation point at the end of his sentence. You can really see the sap going into the bucket. Details in our drawings make our writing fun to read.


Dependable Deer drew puddles in her picture. She made the ones that are far away higher up and the ones that are close lower down. She drew the school in the background. She drew a nice person. She left spaces between her words.


After our morning work, we headed into the forest. Jacob and Kaylin are carrying a stick with water and a basket on it. Kaylin was holding the handle on the basket and Jacob was holding the stick. They were working together! We started walking into the woods but the winds were gusting so hard that our teachers thought it was a good idea to try to road instead. The leaves were blowing high into the air!


We had our morning meeting on the edge of the woods because it was so windy. Our teachers were nervous that branches would fall on us so we decided to come inside. We almost blew away. We were hoping to tap maple trees today so we were disappointed to have to go inside. But we were glad to make a safe decision.


When we came inside we practiced our writing. We wrote about what happened in the forest. There were many gusts of wind and we almost blew away.


We had a regular day and did things like math games and recess at the playground. We could have recess at the playground because there are no trees that can fall on us out there. It was 30 degrees today.





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