Weather in the Woods

Every week we check the temperature out in the woods during our morning meeting, around 9am.  Before we read the thermometer, we remember the temperature from last week and think about anchor points like freezing and boiling. Then students make two guesses. In our classroom we will keep track on a graph to watch how the temperature changes over the school year.

01.21.2016 – 20°F (Guesses: 32 and 19) Although we are mostly shaded in the forest, the sun felt warm and almost everyone wanted to stay out even longer.

01.14.2016 – 18°F (Guesses: 20 and 22) Our new coldest day. We came out a bit later, and came inside to eat lunch, but still managed a very happy three hours up in the forest.

01.07.2016 – 19°F (Guesses: 32 and 10) our coldest day yet, students were dressed well and, because of the cold it was not wet out. It seemed pretty easy to stay out having fun working hard. We kept moving the whole day.

12.17.2015 – 37°F (Guesses: 35 and 43)

12.10.2015 – 42°F (Guess 40) Today was dark because of all the rain clouds in the morning, but it didn’t rain on us and we were comfortable outside from 9am-12:45pm!

12.03.2015 – 37°F (Guesses: 33 and 40) It was also raining. 37° is a cold rain.

11.19.2015 – 43°F (Guesses: 45 and 43) We were expected lots of rain, but there were only sprinkles here and there. We stayed pretty warm, we are getting pretty good at wearing the right stuff.

11.12.2015 – 44°F (Guesses: 50 and 52) It was damp and stayed exactly 44°F all day.

11.05.2015 – 48°F (Guesses: 53 and 70) It felt warm and dry. Today’s 48°F felt so much warmer than the morning it was the same temperature on the first of October. Funny how that happens.

10.29.2015 – 56°F (Guesses: 66 and 51) It felt warm, hot in the sun even. We were expecting lots of rain, but didn’t get any!

10.22.2015 – 52°F (Guesses: 50 and 60) It felt warm, sometimes we were even wearing t-shirts today.

10.15.2015 – 40°F (Guesses: 32 and 25) It didn’t feel too cold actually.

10.08.2015 – 49°F (Guesses: 49, and 40-10 (50).) It felt warm, some of us wore our new coveralls. Out of the shade the sun felt warm.

10.01.2015 – 48°F It felt chilly and some of us got a little cold today if we stayed still too long.