Reliable Red Squirrel was hoping to see a female bluebird. Female bluebirds have a grey head and males have a blue head. It is easy to read her writing because she left spaces between her words. She put a period at the end of her sentence so we know her sentence is done. She drew a detailed picture that matches her words.

Sweet snowy owl was hoping to see a blue jay. She left spaces between her words, she listened for sounds and she put the right date at the top of her paper so we know it is today.

We found lots of critters today. Courageous coyote found a slug, Brainy bobcat found Sally the salamander, Red Squirrel found a big fat centipede with a shell on it, Dependable Deer found a lot of centipedes and curly things and a salamander in a log with bark, Trustworthy tree frog found a creature that curls up in a spiral when it is scared to protect itself. We found a lot more animals than usual.


Chipper Chipmunk was sorting things. He made collections of things that were alike.

Trusting Turtle and Brave Barred Owl were making room for the grass so the grass could grow. We were putting things in the little shed and pretending it was a dumpster.

Brave Barred Owl and Ms. Thomas are happy in this picture.

We were trying to make the tree fall down. We were using shovels to dig it up but we needed snippers to snip the roots.

At Ms. Thomas’ station Ms. Thomas would give us a card with a number on it. We would count how many Popsicle sticks in each cup and if our number matched we would stick the number in the cup. We were working on teens today. This is a picture of the number 20 but most of the other numbers were in the teens.

In Mrs. T’s station we looked at birds and made bird sounds. We used Mrs. T’s phone to play the sounds of the birds we saw in the pictures. Then we tried to make the sounds. We heard a Blue Jay, a Mourning Dove, a Barred Owl and some others.

We found a rock in the brook that looked like a tooth. It was a triangle!

We all took a picture together today.  We had a visitor and she took the picture for us. We played in the brook today. It was fun!


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