This is Brainy Bobcat’s work. He drew a great picture. He was hoping to cook some sap and eat the maple syrup. He put a lot of details in his picture. He even drew little clouds and little puffs of steam. He left spaces between the words.

The first thing we did today was go to our sit spots. Logical Leopard frog was building a fire at her sit spot. Her mom came to visit us today! Dependable Deer was making a fairy house. Helpful Hare and Brainy Bobcat were bouncing on a fallen log. They spotted some easter eggs that had been hidden but they listened to Mrs. T’s instructions and left them where they were. They waited until it was time to hunt.

This is Brainy Bobcat and Helpful Hare bouncing.

Trusting Turtle was finding eggs. Our morning activity today was an Easter egg hunt.

We made a nest by Briany Bobcat’s sit spot. There is a hole in the back of the branch that you cannot see in this picture. This is Dependable Deer climbing. The rock is a baby. It is not an egg. Sincere Salamander and Ready Raccoon were protecting the egg and the baby from everybody. People were coming to steal the egg but we came running after them to get them. We succeeded! No one stole the egg after all.

We found 2 salamanders today! They were in the dirt. One salamander was under a birch log. Trusting Turtle found it when he lifted up the stump. We looked at the salamanders for a while and then set them free. We also found a ton of centipedes. They were in a birch log too. We brought some centipedes over to our circle while we were eating snack. They were eating snack too. We had blueberry bread and cheese sticks. The centipedes ate bark.

We boiled sap today over our fire. It was the sap that we collected from the trees we tapped. It got sweet but not as sweet as syrup. A lot of steam came off the sap. It got browner and there was less liquid after a while.

In Mrs. T’s station we were picking out buds. We wanted to make a bouquet of buds to decorate our tables. We found a ton of buds. Buds are a sign of spring!

Today in Miss Thomas’ station we made houses. They were houses for the fairies. People used all kinds of things to make their houses. One student had a garage, one had a zip line, some had entrances and gardens. One student made a restaurant and another made a mall. Miss Thomas said if she was a fairy she would sit in the green chairs in the fairy mall. We know that a 3D circle is called a sphere because we have been learning about 3D shapes in math. Today we learned that a 3D oval is called an ovoid.  An egg is an ovoid.  We saw and built all kinds of 3D shapes when we were building – cones, cylinders, cubes and pyramids. There was also a school and a lizard house and an army tank house.

At the end of the day we played in the stream. We were jumping in and a couple of people got soaked. Helpful Hare’s feet got so soaked. We had a great day.






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