Bright Blue Bird hopes to see a robin laying eggs. She left spaces between her words so it is easy to read. She drew a detailed picture. She used vibrant colors.

Brainy bobcat hopes to see the eastern box turtle. He listened for the sounds in the words and wrote what he heard. Courageous Coyote likes his sky because he thinks it looks like a rainbow.

Trusting Turtle hopes to see an eastern turtle too. Brainy bobcat wondered why he drew himself in the corner. It is because he is peaking. He drew a sunset. Some students thought it looked like a rainbow.

We headed out into the forest and noticed the stream. It was running really fast. It was not frozen. This means that spring is here.


We saw deer tracks on our way up. And when we got up to the top, Ready Raccoon and courageous coyote saw raccoon tracks.

After our morning meeting we played. Flexible Fox got very cold. So did Helpful Hare. In fact, many of us got cold. We pretended we were in a hospital and gave Flexible Fox a sock replacement surgery. Miss Thomas gave Helpful Hare new mittens. In the forest, we take care of each other.

Chipper Chipmunk had a tree store today. Courageous Coyote was helping him. They made snow balls and put trees in them. He let people buy them but they didn’t cost anything. He might say no only because that tree was promised to someone else. When dependable deer was at her sit spot she was making soup. We came in a bit early from the forest today. Some people were so cold – they were ready to come in right away. Others wanted to stay out longer. We all came in together because we are a community and we take care of each other.




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