This is Courageous Coyote’s work. He wrote “I hope to see a bird.” We can tell what he wrote because he put spaces between his words. He put great details in his picture like notes to show that the bird is singing and even the roots on the tree.

Flexible Fox hoped that that the sap would run. The sap was running today! And we even got to lick it.

This is Brainy Bobcat at his sit spot. Today at sit spots Dependable Deer heard a weird sound and she wasn’t sure what it was. It sounded kind of like a bird and kind of like a horn. Chipper Chipmunk heard trucks. Balanced Blue Jay saw a big foot print and he also saw urine in the snow. Tree Frog saw some leaves sticking out from snow and there was not snow on top of it. It was like a treasure box.

We saw some tracks tracks. We thought they might have been a bear but they were dog tracks! We know because there was a dog visiting KW this week.

Flexible Fox and Reliable Red Squirrel made snow babies today. They were cold and they were just about the size of a real baby. They took good care of their snow babies.

Almost everyone got a chance to taste sap today. Sweet Snowy Owl said that it tasted good at first and then the more she drank it started to taste sour. Dependable Deer thought that it tasted like water just with more flavor.

Some of us drank a whole cup of sap. It was delicious. It tasted like syrup but it was not as sweet. It was like water with a kiss of syrup.

We ate pancakes in the woods today. They cooked really fast because the fire is warmer than a stove. They were really hot when they came off the griddle. We ate maple syrup with our pancakes. They were so hot that some of us couldn’t even hold them with our hands. We had to put them in the cup with our syrup.

We were rolling the ball down the hill and making tracks so the ball would roll straight down. It was fun! The ball kept rolling off the side so we built a wall so that it would go the direction we wanted it to. The jump made the ball stop. We thought it would just make the ball jump. Maybe next week we can bring the ball out again and get the jump to work.

Our other station today was reading a book about 3 bears and a kid named Anytime. It was called Anytime Mapelson and the Hungry Bears. The names of the other characters were Dinnertime, Lunchtime and Breakfast time because that is when they liked to eat their pancakes. 

At lunchtime we were sitting on a tree at Brainy Bobcat’s sit spots. Some of us sat on the ground. It felt warmer to sit in the sunshine.


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