Logical Leopard Frog wrote: I hope the snow is 26 inches. She used spaces between her words and lower case letters. She spelled trick words like THE correctlyl

Trusting Turtle did a nice job not coloring over his words. He knows how to spell snow! He took his time with his letters and wrote them carefully. He also made a great picture that fills up all the white space.

Helpful Hare thought that the snow would be 35 inches. She drew her and the tree and the snow. We can tell that she took her time writing because he letters look neat.

Brave Barred Owl predicted that the snow would be 16 inches high. He always uses so many details in his drawings. They are fun to look at. We measured the snow when we got outside. It was 12 inches. In some places it was deeper and in some places it was more shallow. In most places it was pretty close to 12 inches.

Brainy Bobcat, Dependable Deer, Courageous Coyote and Flexible Fox. got to wear snow shoes and pack down the snow. It was too deep for us to walk in just boots. We had our leaders go first so that it would be easier for us to go on the trail they made.

When we got outside we saw a sign of spring! We saw robins.

Reliable Red Squirrel carried the water and her arms were so tired. Sometimes we layed in the snow because we were so tired and we needed to rest. The snow was crunchy and it felt like we couldn’t move because the snow was stopping us.

When we got to the top we felt so tired and we headed right to our sit spots. It was exciting to make it to the top. We were triumphant!

When we got to our base camp we were ready for snack. It had taken us so long to climb the snowy mountain that all we had time to do was eat snack and play! We came inside for lunch because it was 23 degrees.



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