We were walking up and going to our sit-spots. Reliable Red Squirrel carried up the toilet, the toilet paper, her lunch box and a gallon of water all by herself.


We were playing the Chipmunk ‘Round the Tree game. Two kids were the tree, and the chipmunk had to go over, under, around and through the branches.


Here is another power group playing the game. A power group has boys and girls.


Miss Wetzel’s class put out bird feeders and we saw lots of birds there today.



Logical Leopard Frog sat to watch the birds for a while during playtime.


Balanced Blue Jay and Chipper Chipmunk built a fort, and people wrecked so we could build a new one.


We were all looking for maple leaves. These are sugar maple leaves, some of us learned to tell the difference between the shape of sugar and red maple leaves.


Sincere Salamander was brave and was really high. He was the first to learn to climb a tree today.


Today was a fantastic day in the woods. Miss Thomas missed it, because she is sick. But while she was out her class was amazing and had a good time in the woods. At the end of the day we all pack up and show that we are ready to go back to school. Chipper Chipmunk is showing us exactly that. There was a lot of great behavior today.

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